Abundant Living, a Different Look

More often than not, when someone invites you to read or listen to the topic of abundance, prosperity, or circulation, the class, seminar or project is centered around a tithing theme. I have several of my mentors that belong to sites where this blog is shared. I am sure in the course of their ministries, they have had these sessions. I would never suggest that they are wrong. Supporting your spiritual centers and leaders is an important part of communal spirituality, of church. I do not as of yet, have anything close to being a congregation. When and if I do, I will need to ask for support of the ministry. It is a totally OK thing to do. I am not here to talk poorly of that process. I am here, however, to take a different look at the topic of abundance, which also folds in prosperity and circulation. They are all the same thing really. For the purposes of this entry, I will primarily use the term abundance.

If you take church out of it, abundance takes on a different meaning. Too often when we think in these terms, we think of receiving something, or of money. Money does factor into living abundantly. Receiving is a key component. It gets so much simpler and yet so much more complicated. It’s really about having.

It is very difficult to live abundantly when you are not looking through the window of having things. Too often we look at abundance and look through the window of what we do not have. We come at abundance from a place of lack. That is insane. Lack and abundance are the opposite sides of life. You cannot grow into abundance by looking at what you do not have. Not having things becomes the focus and your decisions, your actions, and your energy reinforce the lack of things and you struggle. You live a life of worry, a life of doubt, and a life of stress. All of these things weaken you, illness creeps in threatens your ability to live abundantly. Bills become overwhelming. You start to make decisions about how to acquire that which you can’t afford and you reach for plastic. You have deferred your abundance for a temporary high and credit card debt. You begin to ignore financial responsibilities in order to juggle expenses and soon you are not even getting by. This is not abundance. This is not living a rich life.

I would tell you the first step is gratitude. If you live a life of gratitude, you appreciate that which you have. If you do not live a fiscally rich life, this gratitude list may be very basic. That is OK. That is the point. Along with gratitude comes priorities. Abundance comes to you from first taking care of necessities. I am not talking about first world necessities. I am talking about the basics, shelter, clothing, food. From there comes the first tier luxuries, or wants. Smart phones, next gen gaming high speed internet, fancy cars, fancy anything are not necessities. Take care of and appreciate your basics.

Everything beyond the basics is a bonus. The Jones’ don’t matter. The only time you should be comparing yourself to your neighbor is to make sure your neighbor has enough. We have been conditioned that if we do not have the latest this or that that we are in a place of lack. Come at life from the window of gratitude and you will be happier and healthier.

Yes I have wants. Our family has worked hard and struggled to get where we are. We have the basics covered. We are living abundantly. Did it turn out how we thought or hoped it would? No, it did not. That is OK. We have everything we need. Everything we lack, is a want, a luxury. That is amazing. How rich are we? We do not have a need. We will achieve many of our wants. It will take time. We will be grateful when we get them. Since coming into this world view, our outlook has changed. Our decision making has changed. Our actions have changed and our opportunities have changed. Abundance isn’t about acquisitions. It is about having.

Circulation is the other component of abundant living. Often people equate that to giving out money and getting more back. It’s bigger than that. Circulation is spiritual networking. Give and you shall receive. This doesn’t just mean money or even mean money. Put yourself out there. Give your time to someone or something. Help someone with your time. Share your talents. What is it that you can do that can have an impact of the life of another? This puts you in the place where others are giving, doing and sharing. This opens the window and door to others seeing what your dreams, needs and wants are. This opens you up to receiving. Share your life with other people and your life grows, not just financially, but spiritually, and socially.

When we take a new look at what it means to live an abundant life, abundance becomes an easier thing to achieve. Well not easier. This requires fundamental changes in thinking and acting. Change is hard. It is worth doing. I live in a small town in a small house, with a small yard. I have everything. We can see the opportunity to satisfy wants coming and and we know that it will. We are grateful for those things and experiences that we haven’t had yet as well.

But gratitude, I feel, is the real key. The more grateful I am the better things gets. My focus shifts from I want the thing, to I want the feeling. The feeling is happiness. Happiness comes to me from gratitude, not from collected objects. Gratitude rewires your brain. We shift from material to emotional or experiential. I ask myself, why do I want the thing? I want the thing because I want the feeling I get from the thing. What is the feeling? Happiness. But you are happy now. OK, well yay I am happy. I still want the thing, and maybe I will get it. But I am happy. Why am I happy? Because I have everything I need. That is an amazing statement and and amazing feeling. I say that every day. I have everything I need. And the best part. I end up with the thing anyway. Sometimes, a lot of the times I don’t know how. Things just happen. Gifts happen. Opportunities present themselves. Experiences happen. Doing things instead of having things is a lot cheaper, often times it is free, financially. Things just start to fall into place. Life gets better. Your world view gets better.

I live an abundant life and it is amazing.


Rev J


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