The Plan, not My Plan

Last week I had grand plans. I had three topics to write about. I had things to do, goals to accomplish. I had the idea that my plan was the plan and was motivated and excited. That is not what happened. My plan was not he plan. A couple years ago, this would have completely derailed me and I would have let my diagnoses get the better of me and I would have ended up in a bad place. The thing is, I had some unpleasant stuff to do and some really important stuff to do that I had not considered because they had not manifested yet.

I was going to write about Christmas, a new way of looking at church and another topic that I cannot even remember. Instead I had to take care of people and things. have a dog, Jack, who is in very poor health. He has a couple of health issues that are making things real tough for him right now and last week was a bad week for him. So I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor with my buddy. I also kind of aggravated my back problems sitting on the floor with a dog, so I had some self care to deal with. My wife also got a couple different kinds of sick within a couple of days so I spent time with her. Then the bomb dropped.

Our home has always been a haven. It is known to our friends, family and friends of our friends that our home is a safe place to be. When you are having problems with your mental state, such as major anxiety or your mental illness is out of whack, you are feeling alone or afraid, or if you need a safe place to land while you are falling, we have an open door. Such an event happened last week and we had to put things on hold to help a beautiful, broken soul find cover. I won’t go into that particular story because it is not mine to tell, but with everything else that was going on last week was a challenge.

Add to this the family drama of dealing with the holidays in my world and last week was a huge challenge that tested all of our limits but we got through it and the holidays came and went with far less pomp and fuss than what is usual. All of this activity and chaos brought me to a point of reflection. I had broken moments to think on what is really important, what really matters.

Family matters. We need to circle the wagons around the family that there is and make sure that connection stays.

Friends matter. We are home bodies and introverts at heart, but we do have many people that we consider friends. We need to find ways to keep those connections strong.

These beautiful souls that drop into our laps matter. We always question our parenting abilities. I think all parents do, but these lost ones keep showing up on our doorstep. We must be doing something right. They keep coming and we keep getting them pointed back in the right direction. We keep getting this push or nudge, saying there are things that are yours to do, go do them. I think we get the message at this point, finally. We don’t have any formal training, we are just parents, parenting other peoples cast offs. We don’t have much space so, for now, it is one at a time, for as long as we can, until we can get them safe. Maybe one day we can find ourselves in a bigger home so we can help more than one at a time, for longer. One day we can get the training to put the word out on a more public scale that we have a safe home for young people that need one, so we can do more for them other than crisis management, food, and hugs.

All of our great prophets and wisdom writers say the same things. Everything is love, and take care of each other. We have the love, all of us. Lets just take care of each other.


Rev J


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