One Sunrise at a Time

This is the poem like thing I included with my pitch to TWLOHA

  One Sunrise at a Time

One Sunrise at a time

That’s all you have to do

One Sunrise at a time

That’s all we’re asking

Things are tough, Life is hard

Anxiety, Depression, Illness, all of these things make you want to quit

You are sick

Not just an illness

You are sick of the Routines, the Meds, the talk

You are sick of being sick.

You are tired

But there is good too.

There are sunrises and sunsets

There are birds and trees and lakes and streams

There are good friends and time alone

There are good foods and good places

There are times when we get to show our happy faces

There are struggles and failures but there are wins too


The good keeps coming around

All you have to do is make it through this attack, this cycle, this swing

Just this one

Then you can get back to center, back to zero

You just have to make it back to that beautiful sunset

Fall asleep

And wake up to one more Sunrise

It might be different, it can be good, it isn’t always bad

A sunrise is hope and promise.

Hope that this day will be good and promise that if you fight, or glide, or sit and stare, curl up and cry, reach out, or move on, you can get through another one.

Just one sunrise at a time

Just one Sunrise at a time


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