Bloggin101: Learning Style

I like to think that I am always learning. I am a watcher of the world around me and I am always taking in, analyzing and evaluating. There is a lot that I pick up just being aware in my surroundings. I keep my mind busy when I am up and moving. My mind is constantly churning, even when I would wish it wasn’t. I see something, I look for causes. I analyze what information I have about the scene. I try to make best conclusions based off the information present. I ask questions in my head about what is missing in order to assess situations. I see signs or phrases in advertising or on a bumper sticker when I return home I look for the source, or I see something in public and it sets my mind on a journey related to the topic or idea presented and when I get home I look for information on subjects. Someone may mention owls casually in a conversation and when I get to a place that I can, I might be prompted to read as much information about owls that I can lay my hands on. Sometimes it may be the simplest littlest thing that might set me off on a quest.

However, for times when I am specifically studying or learning, independent study is how I prefer to learn. I am quite comfortable with books, videos, articles or what have you, in my hands, by myself, taking in the information. I also like for my learning to be interactive. If I can do something and learn as opposed to reading something to learn, I think I do a better job of retaining the information. The reason, I think, for this is that doing something is usually multisensory and more fully engages me as opposed to simply reading, which often times sets my mind off on tangents and I will not be focusing in the words before me. Mostly what I study are things that try to get me in touch with who I am and how I can be a better me. I enjoy reading books on spiritual subjects, article on mental health studies, things that show me ow to show up better in life. These aren’t the find ways to make a million dollars self help things, but more along the lines of how well do you know yourself? What are behaviors and habits that you can change to be a more genuine, more honest representation of how you think people should show up in life.

Honestly, I am not a great student of traditional subject, math, science and things like that. I know enough to have a good understanding of how my world works and let it go at that. I study to understand the illnesses that I have, and how to manage them and I study and read about how to best get through each day being a positive experience and influence in life.


Learning Style


4 thoughts on “Bloggin101: Learning Style

  1. Hi, I came across your blog post while doing a search for people who had blogged on the same prompt I did. I like your take on learning and your approach to life. Keep blogging! 🙂

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