What is Mine?

There has been a lot happening the last few days? Most of what has been hitting the headlines and overriding social media has been tragic. People are dying. People are killing. People are angry. People are frightened. People are sad. There is so much information hitting us from every direction and someone is passionate about it. It is something that means so much to someone. It is something that makes someone angry. It is something that someone needs to change.

There are articles, news stories and opinions everywhere telling each person’s side of all of these events. Everyone seems passionate about what is driving their news feed and their wall. There is also a weird thing happening where people are being called out for not being angry about this thing or that thing. There are people getting mad at other people because they aren’t mad or because they are choosing to post positive things or trivial things and they just haven’t bought in to why you are angry.

As it has been for a good portion of this year, I have been really struggling with my mental health and all of this anger, frustration and violence has me thinking. What of this is mine? This is too much to take in. This is too much to handle. I can’t change all of this. I can’t fix everything. I can’t be angry with you. What of this is mine? There are more causes than there are people to get behind them. There are more things to make you angry than can be imagined by one person. There are more passions than one person can possibly process. What of all of this is mine?

If you read enough of social media, or watch enough videos, you will be taught that all of these things are your responsibility and if you are truly a good person, you will support, not just support but become an activist, for someone’s passion. If you don’t follow a particular passion and give your all to it then you are horrible and are part of the problem. I have two words. Hell no.

I can be empathetic to your passion and your situation and not participate in it. I have my own passion and my own work to do. Me not joining your activism does not make me a bad person or a part of the problem. This is yours to do, not mine.

I have a passion. I have something that moves me and drives me to do my work. That passion is the demographic, for lack of a better word, of those suffering, those recovering, and those living with mental illness. This is where I pour my energy and effort. I blog about it. I educate people about it. I support people who are in it. This is mine to do. There is a second interest or passion that is the LGBT community. While I am not nearly as active with this group, many of the people that I do interact with belong to both groups. This is where I live, this is what drives my soul.

I have to look at all that is spiraling around me and step out of it and ask. Is this mine? Most of it is not and therefore I will acknowledge its seriousness and how you feel about it. I will agree that it is important. I will support your efforts, from a distance. I have work that is mine. It is what I must do. It may not be yours. I need to do it. Because I am doing my work, I can’t do yours.

We all have work to do. We all have passions. We all have things that make us angry and what to change. Do your work. I applaud your efforts. I will do my part and my part is this. I will do my best to show up as the best possible person I can for each situation I find myself in. When I am in a place that involves your passion, your cause, I will do my best to be an example of how a person should show up. That is the best I can offer. This is the best that can be hoped for and should be the best that is expected.

Be passionate. Change the world. Do your work. Allow me to do mine.


Rev J


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