Own it

This was originally a Facebook Rant. It got so much attention and support that ok thought it would be good to share here.

Rant alert.
I have realized over the weekend that my patience for certain personality types has been reduced to near zero. Unfortunately there are many of this type of person within my current sphere of activity. It is easy to get pulled into their crap.  The question is this, is this an opportunity to stretch and open up or is this the signal to place distance between them and me? I want to surround myself with the genuine, the real. Yes, for nine or so hours we, in the name of performance, wear a mask, but behind the mask I want to be around people that are true to themselves and honest. 
When I say honest, I mean you own your shit. There is good in all of us, but we all have work to do. Own it and work it. No one I know is so together that they can’t own their shit and work on it. Self induced drama in order to gain attention and affection for its own sake damages the self and the collective. Be passionate but be real. Be courageous and show pride in your work but be humble. Take care of each other. Lean in on each other but support each other as well. Tearing someone down does not build you up. If the spotlight isn’t shining on you, it isn’t your scene, support. Your scene will come.
The is enough awful out there. You don’t need to invent more. There is a ton of good. Focus on that. Even in the shadows, life is beautiful. 
Ok, rant over. Be excellent to each other.


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