Fall 2016 Gratitude Challenge Day 1

So today starts another 30 day gratitude challenge. Today’s topic will actually be the 30 gratitude challenge and how I choose to work these.

The reason behind doing a 30 day gratitude challenge is multifaceted. One of the reasons for doing this is to remind myself of the good that is in my life and to look at life through the lens of gratitude. Another reason for doing this challenge is reprogramming. In this day and age it is very easy to get pulled in a direction of thinking and dwelling on so much negative. A 30 day challenge gets you in the habit of thinking about the good, the positive. Another reason could be to share your blessings with other people.

An important reason for me is that this year has been challenging to say the least. There have been large financial obstacles to climb, very large and scary medical issues to deal with. There have been social issues in my personal life that have been extremely challenging and testing to holding my ideals. There have been global, regional and national issues that impact a world view, a sense of well being and security. This has been a year of conflict, trial, and chaos. However there has also been a great deal of good. It is easy to get pulled down into a negative place when your life and world view feel as if things are not well, but you need these reminders to keep you on track to how things actually are.

Some people can simply walk in this, but for some of us, those of us that are more empathic, those of us that have mental illnesses that can impact our moods and worldview, these exercises can truly help keep you centered, keep you on the middle path.

Some versions of these challenges have you start a list and each day you either create a 10 item list or add to an existing list. Those are fine and they work great and on a daily basis sometimes a pull out a list when I am too far into my own head. However, I prefer a different exercise.

I like a daily topic that is written about in a certain amount of detail. I enjoy taking one thing, idea, person, or event, and putting some effort into describing why I am grateful about this one thing, why it is important and why I am grateful for this. Sometimes it is a paragraph sometimes it is a page but everyday I want to write about one thing and why I am grateful for it.

Usually these things are started at the beginning of a calendar month or often times a year. I am starting today because I need this and it is time to start. I welcome anyone to join me in walking through this challenge with me. Whether published in a blog, written in a spiral notebook or in a private journal, giving yourself 30 days to write about what is good and what you are grateful for can truly help your outlook on life.

I am grateful for opportunities to press the reset button and refocus my outlook from a place of gratitude.


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