Day 2: Phantom’s Feast

Today I am grateful for Phantom’s Feast. I am a Renaissance Festival performer and Phantom’s Feast is the Halloween production that we put on the two weekends following the end of our festival. It is an improv driven Halloween horror show combined with the dinner theater concept, usually set in a Victorian era Horror theme, such as Dracula or Frankenstein. This is our party and play reward at the end of almost a year of rehearsals, practices, workshops, preparations, and performance for the main festival. This is release.

In what has really become almost exactly a year of really struggling with my head-space, this years feast is a welcome escape. I have been in a weird place with patience and energy wearing down quickly as we reach the end of the festival run. This show is looking amazing. We are only about a week and a half into creating and rehearsing this show and I have to say, this is the best cast of actors I have worked with, ever. They all come from the greater cast of the festival this year, but in that, the cream has risen to the top. Everyone is on the same page, facing the same direction and working toward the same end with very little, if any, self interest driven drama.

It has been so helpful and fulfilling to be assistant director to this production. There are days that I struggle to even get out of bed but I leave a late night rehearsal with this show and feel the best I feel all week. There is something amazing and energizing to be able to work with these people. They are not just good performers and actors, but genuinely very good people. These are the type of people a person should surround themselves with. It is an honor and privilege to be sharing this experience with them.

Today, in a year where I feel stretched thin and over committed, I am grateful for Phantom’s Feast.


Rev J


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