Day 5, Support

Today I am grateful for support systems. A good portion of the reasons that I am doing as well as I am right now is the people that I surround myself with. It is so important to have a support system when you are recovering from mental illness. Without good people in my life to help me through the rough patches, I would probably not be here at all.

Who you choose as friends is important. Who you associate with in part determines how you show up to life. You become the people around you.

During the course of my recovery I have found many people that were part of my support and I was part of theirs. Over time, many have moved on. Life often seems to be a repeating pattern of saying goodbye to people. This isn’t always bad, it just is. For some time I felt as though there were gaps in my system, there were people that I needed in my life hat weren’t there. It turns out that my support system is pretty good. I just had to look around and see who was showing up. Many of those that I provide support for have circled the wagons and I now see that I have a very good group of people in my life and my support system is much more complete than I ever thought.

The last month or so I have really seen who is in my corner and who is showing up when I am at my lowest. It is not who I expected. Not that they are bad people or anything like that, I just simply was not expecting what I have received. Part of this is that I was not aware of what I meant to some of the people in my life, and so I never expected the support I have received. I feel much better about where I am in life knowing that there are good people around me.

Today I am grateful for support systems and support people in my life.


Rev J


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