Day 6, Working it out

It’s funny how things just work out. When I look back on just about every part of my life, stuff just worked out. Sometimes it took a very long time to work out. Sometimes the trip to working out was extremely difficult, but it always worked out.

I think it is important to say that I am not speaking of my mental illnesses at this point. I am speaking about environmental triggers, events, points on the map so to speak. Life moments just seem to work out. It would be unreasonable to include the mental illnesses in that statement. As with most people that I know who are affected by mental illness, either by diagnosis or by association with someone with a diagnosis, that isn’t an “it works out” thing. That is a daily struggle.

What I am talking about is just the everyday. Over the course of time, given enough space, things work out and life is good. On a large scale, my life is fantastic. I have shelter. I have food. I have clothing. I am not lacking for true necessities. On the smaller scale, the day to day can be a real struggle. When you are faced with an obstacle and you can’t see the outcome, it can be a challenge for the healthy mind to cope with life. The thing is, it usually turns around and there is a positive resolution to the event in question.

I am not going to sit here and suggest that truly horrible and challenging life moments are just a bundle of positivity in disguise, waiting for you to unlock some secret. I am just saying that most of my low points, if I follow the track, have resulted in me being in a place that is very good. Financial matters are far less than perfect or ideal, but things are OK, and they show up to being OK in very unexpected ways. These moments usually show up on bill pay day when I am fretting over what I am sure is going to be a huge lack and when the math is all done, it worked out. Money is one of my biggest stressers and I am constantly reminded of gratitude once I wade through the unpleasantness of giving other people our money.

One of the biggest lessons that I am working right now is that I need to let go of the worry and fear that I have around events turning out poorly because they don’t. Sometimes there needs to be time for the event to fully resolve. Sometimes it requires reflection because the path from the beginning of the event to the point where you can see that it actually worked out can be a bit murky.

I waste a huge amount of energy worrying about things that have never happened. I still have so much to learn and some much more growing to do. That is probably my biggest lesson and the hardest for me. I need to let go of outcomes and just move through some of this stuff and let it work out. It’s going to regardless of how much I get all worked up about.

Today I am grateful for how things just simply work out.


Rev J


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