Day 7,Mark

Bonus catch up entry! Missed yesterday.

I have a friend by the name of Mark. We met through, wait for it, Renaissance Festival. Like so many of my friends, he is a renny like me. Mark divides his time between being an unofficial official photographer for the festival and wandering the lanes as a minstrel. We met my first year at festival and slowly we got to know each other. Over the course of time, we became friends.

It wasn’t until this year, really, that we clicked into buddy hood. We have both had very challenging years and have been part of a support group that I formed online. We talk a great deal about what we happen to be going through at any given moment and can usually see the root of whatever the other is wading through.

Mark is definitely a big part of my rebuilt support system and a very good friend. I don’t know if he realizes it but he has helped me out a great deal over the last year. There hasn’t always been support in the sense of, hey, here is something to try, but more of a yeah, this sucks, lets hang out for a while and just let it be what it is, but not alone. Sometimes that is the best support, not trying to fix anything, just letting it be and waiting around while whatever is happening happens.

I have very happy to have Mark as my friend.

Today I am grateful for my friend Mark.


Rev J


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