Day 8, Little People

Short and to the point…

In my time as a festival performer I spend a good part of the day kneeling or sitting in the dirt with little kids, playing music. They dance to my flute or “help” me play my drum. Sometimes they just stand, stare and smile. It is a pretty good time to see these kids and to entertain them. Many of these kids are small enough that verbal communication is minimal and they don’t have the developed sense of humor to respond to an “acting” interaction. They respond to smiles, waves, hello’s, and music.

This is where I am in my element. Little kids like me and I am perfectly content to sit in the dirt and play music with my tiny audiences. The parents look so grateful that someone is spending time with their child and the littles laugh and dance and have a great time with me. It also makes the parents day when a performer gives their kid special time.

Often a parent will snap a picture and they will have that image with them forever. This weekend I was blessed to have one of our unofficial, official photographers walk right into a moment that I was having with a little. I am now blessed to have a permanent memory to look back on when I am having a why am I doing this moment. When it is hot out, or cold and rainy, and it has been a long season, and that thing I wanted to try in the lanes flops, I now have more than just a memory of an event that meant something to me. I have a picture.

Today I have two gratitudes. I am grateful for the littles that love to play with my traveling musician character in his funny hat, and I am grateful for the pictures that I have of that moment.



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