Day 9, Weird Wisdom

Today I am being pulled in another interesting direction with this project. When I last did this I sat down and made a list of thirty things to be grateful for and each day I wrote about one of the topics. This go round I am waiting until the day and even the moment that I write each entry. It causes things to be a bit less refined that some of the other things I have written but it is a good exercise in living in the moment.

Today I am grateful for weird wisdom. What I mean by weird wisdom is timely bits and pieces that show up in your life at exactly the right moment almost always from sources I typically do not look to for guidance. These are stories that come across my news feed, quotes on my wall, motivation posters someone cooks up, or even words spoken in passing. Weird wisdom falls into the category I call the spiritual 2X4. The spiritual 2X4 is the stuff that just smacks you out of nowhere and rapidly changes your perspective.

I have received a lot of weird wisdom lately. Most of it has happened at festival or has been related to festival. One of the things that almost all of these bits have in common is that they have not come from anyone in a specific leadership, mentor or director role. It has all come from “one of the gang”. Someone will just mention something, almost in passing, and it will make me stop in my tracks.

The most recent item of weird wisdom came from a story I was reading from one of our stage performers. I have been having a strange season. I have been in several different shows in different roles within my specific character. I have also been intermingled into the staff side of things and it has caused me to think a lot about this season as work. I have not truly enjoyed it as much as I have felt invisible and imaginary pressure to make things work. This person told a story of being reminded to have fun while performing at the festival. Suddenly it was BAM right in the face with the spiritual 2X4. One of the things I had forgotten was to enjoy my time at fest. It was weird wisdom because of the people involved in the story were not direct mentors to me, people I do not know that well, and I wasn’t looking to solve that problem. A guy with a guitar and a guy from the pirate singing show, without knowing, slapped me with a very obvious answer to a problem I had written off.

No one was looking to impart any wisdom with anyone else. It was a personal story that was shared about keeping his own attitude where it belonged but it worked as a message for me.

The good stuff doesn’t always come from gurus and spiritual leaders. Sometimes, often times, it comes from “that guy over there”. We are all ministers. We are all healers. We all have a story to tell and that story does contain weird wisdom. I am always on the lookout for the 2X4 and weird wisdom. It’s often the best stuff.

Today I am grateful for weird wisdom.


Rev J


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