Day 12: Fellowship

One of the nice things about being a performer and a musician is there are so many creative people in my world. I just spent an hour or so with one of these people. Just sat and talked about stuff. We talked about new houses, new projects, old stories, just stuff. It, by all accounts, was a pretty pedestrian set of topics. The take however is very different.

Creative people have a way of looking at things that analytical or process driven people do. When I talk with a person that has a very process driven mind, the conversation is cause, effect, result driven, target conscious conversation, which is great. However, when I get to spend time, without a deadline, script, or performance in mind, the tone is so different. The conversation is more about how things feel, how things touch you. It is difficult to describe the difference in how it feels. Creative conversations feel more heart centered, and at the same time more ethereal. We seldom talk about earth shattering topics like politics or world events, but when we do it is from a world view that isn’t border driven.

Fellowship is an important part of the life of a human. People need other people. Being able to check in with another person and let them know what is on your mind and hearing what they have to say is important. When you are able to connect on a matching plane it is even better. We need each others stories, each others experiences. We need to share what is meaningful.

As a wade through this thing that is a lifelong recovery from mental illness and physical disability, I have too often shut out this important aspect of being human. I did this in part because all too often the conversation would turn to questions about these things and not things that were important to me. In the eyes of those around me, I became my illnesses. In my own eyes this happened as well. I stopped being a person and I became a list if diagnosis and medicine.

Now that I am moving along this time line and reestablishing what it means to be Jason, I am craving fellowship. I want to be around people, but not just any people. I want to be around people who want to be better people. From my wife, who is very creative, to my musician friends, to my performer friends. I want to be around creative people. I want to be around people that want to make a difference and want me to make a difference as well.

I am starting to sort of the difference between someone I know and someone who wants and needs this fellowship as well. The people you surround yourself with are the people that help create the person you are becoming. I know now who I want to be around.

Today I am grateful for fellowship with the creative people in my life.


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