Day 15: Opportunity

Today I have had the opportunity to start working on a project that I have been looking forward to for some time. I have been asked to perform for the church that our ren fest cast rehearses at. Our festival does not have a year round facility so we are required to find off site locations to rehearse at when the festival site is not available do to weather or maintenance. Rehearsal locations have shifted over the years from different churches and halls around the city.

The current location is a church that is giving us the space as a free will offering. In exchange for this, we perform small pieces during their Sunday service. This can be anything from a theatrical performance, to singing to anything in between. At one of these services I had brought my flute to play while we were waiting around. The music minister heard me and asked me to come play for a Sunday service.

Because of all the festival related commitments I have been unable to make this happen. Now that festival and feast are over, I have that time. In just a couple of weeks I will be preforming the music for a Sunday service. I am very excited about this.

Music is so important to me especially music that I create. For me everything that happens with my flute is a form of prayer. It is a very meditative instrument to play and to listen to. This will be the first time that I will be performing live without other musicians playing with me. I am nervous but also excited. This is also prompting me to push forward with another project and that is creating a meditation CD.

I have a digital set up that I am exploring and working with as I create the music for the church service and once I get through that I will be looking at creating the music that I have been wanting to for a very long time.

I am so grateful for the chance to play my music for other people. I love what I do and I have heard from people within the congregation that they are looking forward to this. This is definitely a step out of the box and try something new type situation and I am excited and pleased that I said yes to this.

Today I am grateful for opportunity.


Rev J


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