Day 17: Clarity

Today I have stepped away from a sense of obligation to the agenda of other people. I feel very much at peace with being in my own space and working my own program. I am realizing that there are things that I had thought were a priority to me that I had let slide into the back ground in favor of projects and goals of other people. I have been working someone else’s list.

There are things that I want to accomplish in my life, with my wonderful wife and in an individual capacity. I have not been working on these things. I am seeing now that a great deal of the stresses in my life come from putting my goals aside in favor of someone else’s.

Given this revelation, that came to me last evening, I am ready to move forward with the things that we, as a couple, and that I as an individual, want to achieve. I am resetting my bucket list and setting an intention to move towards achieving the things that we have been parking for the last several years.

I am not feeling any time line or schedule that confines these things, just a shift in focus and commitment. I am seeing what is important in my life and making those things a priority in my world. These things are where my energy needs to be spent.

I feel that refocusing my energy and effort towards these things will make managing my world a much clearer, calmer, and much more rewarding experience, for everyone involved. Some of these things are major big, life changing things. Others are simple things that we have just moved to the side in favor of some other activity. Now I do not feel the compulsion to keep doing these other things.

Today I am grateful for clarity in my life. I can see now what I should be focusing on and am moving in that direction.

Today I am grateful for clarity.


Rev J


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