Just a Note

So I am in the middle of a gratitude challenge. Now that the festival and phantom’s feast are over, i ma able to devote energy to things the way i would like to. I took the time to look back on past gratitude challenges and saw that they were grounded in relationships, events, and tangible things. Looking at this version of the challenge and it has taken a much different path. There are still a couple of people listed in there but overall the theme seems to include concepts, ideas and feelings. It is a much more ethereal list of things that i have written about. I am not sure if it due to what i have been going through this year, where i am mentally and spiritually, or if i have hit a growth point and am looking at things differently. I hope that my little audience of readers is enjoying this odd little list of things that are having a positive impact of my life lately. I know it is helping me the share them here.



Rev J


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