Day 18: Synchronicity

Today I was sitting staring at this screen trying to decide what gratitude topic I should cover today. I am feeling a great deal of gratitude and overall well-being this morning. I just couldn’t place my finger on what that thing was that triggered this feeling. I was very tempted to go back to a previous style of gratitude challenges and list out a bunch of words but then i stopped. I didn’t want this project to look like that project. I wanted this approach to work. So what was the answer?

It was simple enough that i felt a little silly when it came to me, connect the dots and see what happens. I started to connect the dots, put the pieces together, and what i found was that there wasn’t “a thing” that was sparking me this morning. It was, well, everything. In a previous post I wrote about things just coming together. Today, this morning, everything clicked, or more like slammed, into place.

The spiritual 2X4 hit me right in the face. This has been a challenging year in many ways. There have been health challenges, financial challenges, mental health challenges, relationship challenges, and social challenges. Everything was out of alignment and out of sorts.

Then we spent a good part of the weekend traveling around our home state of Missouri, taking in some sights and talking about what we had been through and where we wanted to point the new year. This morning it all locked in. It feels so good. We know where we want to be and for the first time in a long time, we can see the path to get there. We have made and are making decisions that are in alignment with what it is that we want and that doorway is opening wider. Things have synchronized and lined up and we are, after 25 years of swimming upstream, floating within the current. The flow is moving us towards what it is we want.

It is funny in a way, how hard things can get when you try to push out and grasp at things instead of relaxing, stating your purpose and letting it move towards you. The lesson will repeat until you learn it. The lesson was not ever what i thought it was. I tried to shoehorn in a lesson to where i was at a particular point in space but that wasn’t what was happening around me. The lesson was bigger and simpler than i ever thought.

So here we go taking first steps and moving purposefully towards what is to be and I am grateful that i have aligned with the process as it was meant to be, not how i wanted to perceive it.

Today I am grateful for synchronicity in my life.


Rev J


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