What Now?

I have always wanted to, and have done my best, to keep politics out of this blog. Today is no different. I am going to walk around that subject quite a bit, however.

Tuesday, things went very wrong for many people. Vote were tallied and results came in. The person many were hoping would not win, did. For many in this country, this has brought with it fear. A great many things were said during this campaign season that have led these people to have very warranted fears. Whether or not you believed things that were said, promises that were made, or plans that were explained, fear is valid.

Perhaps this was all posturing and manipulating on a scale that I have not experienced before. Perhaps it will all come to pass. I do not know. I do know that things will change. The party in control has had a mindset to undo things that, in my mind, were the right thing to be done. Again, whether or not you agree with me or not, is not the point here.

The question is this. Now what? Fear triggers two responses in animals, and people, flight or fight. Flight can also look like paralysis. You can freeze at danger or you can move. This is what we can and need to do. This is what we needed to do before Tuesday. This is what we need to do everyday. Support your cause.

Whether it is LGTB issues and rights, the environment, civil right, health care, mental illness, or whatever group you belong to or want to support, now is the time to move. If the worse case scenarios all come to pass, these groups will need your help, desperately. Find your advocacy groups, donate and volunteer for them. Start a support effort in your area to help those in need. Get involved in the process of helping, managing, and supporting your group of interest. Find out what theses groups need, and provide. If you can’t afford money, volunteer time. If you can’t volunteer time, give money or items of need. If you can’t do either, advocate, writer letters. Call your political leaders. Let them know that this is important to you and people they serve.

Another way to help is to assist the individual. This can be as easy as being a shoulder for a friend that belong to this group. A safe place for friends and family, within this community to gather, is also something that the individual can offer. If you are a member of your group of interest, reach out to others. Be the rock they cling to when they are troubled. There are so many things we can do. The first one might be to ask, “What can I do to help?”

We have all hoped that our government would come in on a white horse and save whatever it is that we want saved. That may not happen. Saddle up. It was always up to us. I find myself to have been guilty of this thought process. This was my spiritual 2×4 striking me in the face, saying. “Move Dammit”. We have plans to help our communities of interest. Now is the time to change from plan to action. We the people, have to help the people.


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