Day 23: Escapism

This is one of those days when I didn’t have a clue what to write about until I was just wanting to start. I woke up feeling a bit mellow. Nothing in particular was going wrong, in fact the morning started out well, just in an off space. Perhaps it is the continuation of the cycle that has been present for quite some time, maybe it is the heavy dose of negativity on social media lately. It could have been what is happening around me, around many of us, lately. Or, I could have simply woke up in an off mood. Who knows, who cares. I was in a off space.

Then a friend contacted me. She is having a wide variety of challenges in her life. I listened, gave my perspective, shared some experiences, and dropped some Unity concepts on her. I was support for someone for an hour or so. I come out of it feeling a lot better about my day and about where I am in general. I spent an hour in someone else’s head space. I escaped.

Escapism can be tricky. It’s OK to check out and take a break from your challenges and obstacles, but you can’t live there. Your challenges still exist and need to be met. If you stay in other people’s spaces for too long your world will be much the worse when you finally get back to your space.

There are some benefits to escapism of this type, however. It feels good to help and support other people. I also feel that it is important to help. We are all in this together and people will need other people at some point. When you walk with someone as they untie the knots that are messing up their life, it can generate a mood shift in you as well. It feels good to help other people. It truly does.

The other way that I see this type of escapism benefiting me is that it really isn’t always escapism. This work more often than not helps me work through something that has my world tied up in a knot. As I walk through their issues, I find parallels and common grounds and I see things from fresh eyes. It more often than not reminds me of principles and wisdom that I have learned and need to do a better job of putting in to practice. It can truly be a student being the teacher scenario.

It is easy to fall outside of your own wisdom, and your own self work during your daily walk. Stuff come at you faster than you would like, you don’t respond in a healthy way to one little thing and it slowly builds up and pulls you further away from how you want to approach things. It can either be slow or it can build up and cascade down and rip you away from a healthy space and allow you to abandon your tools and teachings in favor of wallowing.

When you help someone else you remind yourself to be the person they see when they dome to you for the support. Then, when you get back to your work, you can build off of their path and you both grow because of it.

Escapism, when practiced in a healthy, safe manor, can be very beneficial, and today I am glad I had it as a tool for my friend and for myself.

Today I am grateful for escapism.


Rev J


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