Day 27: Thanksgiving

It’s thanksgiving and what better time to write about gratitude, and to write about it in a realistic way. It is easy to move through my day looking at my challenges and obstacles, only to say, see how hard my life is? I have medical and mental illnesses and injuries that can make my world very difficult.

The truth is, I have it very good. I am blessed. I have been gifted a very good life. By way of the random chance of being born in a particular longitude and latitude range, my life is inherently easy. By the nature of gender and skin tone, my world is inherently easy to manage. I do have physical damage that counters some of this and I have mental illness that counters other aspects, but by and large, I have a very good life, simply by showing up.

I am not lacking for necessities. All of my needs are met. I have shelter. I have food. I have clothing. I have clean water. I have access to health care. I have all of the basic needs covered to the point that things that aren’t necessities seem that way and they are covered as well. We have personal transportation. I have disability support. My wife has a quality job and pay. We have access to news and information. We have internet access. We have access to recreation and entertainment. Outside of the medical, I am, we are so blessed.

You can say what you want about this holiday. You can politicize it. You can make it what you will. I simply make it a time when I spend extra time to look at and be thankful for who am and what I have to be thankful for.

Today I am grateful, simple as that

Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving

Rev J


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