Day 29: Hope

There are three words that I do my absolute best to keep in the center of my spiritual practice. These words are hope, gratitude, and love. The one that is getting touched on today is hope. When you are on a road or path that includes mental illness, hope can be a fleeting thing. When you are walking deep in the shadows, hope can be replaced by fear, exhaustion, and hopelessness. It can be easy to lose your focus and let the self work and the progress wall from your grasp.

A dictionary definition of hope is: noun

  1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

This version of hope is in the search. I have hope that I can overcome the challenges of this day. This definition of hope on the outcome. I am working my program today in the hope that tomorrow will be better. This can be a desperation kind of hope that when you are at the breaking point, hope can rescue you.

The second option for this definition is:

  1. archaic

    a feeling of trust.

This is the hope that I try to live in on the day to day. I have hope that there will be better days. I have hope that there will be balance and centering. I have hope, in better days.

When people say hope is desperation and faith is what you really need, this is the hope that I am talking about. This hope can be a type of faith. This hope is a knowing. This is a secular faith. I have hope because I know I can work my program, I have the tools, and I have the practice to make better days.

Hope to me is a powerful word because hope is the light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope because I know and trust that I can get through anything. I expect to be better. I desire the outcome. I have the tools and the means to get there. I have hope.

Shadow work, and dealing with the less than positive aspects of what makes you the person that you are means that you can look at a disorder and not see just the pain, suffering and damage that you have been through and that you have caused but that you look at all of the opportunities to set things right, to learn about yourself and to grow.

Hope is the anchor point hat you tie off on when you are in the shadows, knowing that you can come back from this. You are worthy of joy and gratitude, and love. Hope is the beacon that shows you the way.

Today I am grateful for hope.


Rev J


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