Hello, I am  Jason,  a Universal Life ordained minister. I was  raised as a Roman Catholic and  have studied many spiritual paths from Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, modern Paganism and Practical New Thought Christianity. I try  brings a world view approach to spiritual practice that focuses on positive thinking and mind action.

While pursuing my spiritual path I was gifted with the spirit name  Raven Elmwood. To honor this past I have melded the name Raven Elmwood, the name of a spiritual teacher in the pagan path, into Ravenwood Spirit, a spiritual practice embracing all spiritual paths and a world view of spirituality.

I am recovering from Bipolar Disorder and General Anxiety disorder. I am also recovering from major back surgery and continue to struggle with pain issues.

This blog was meant to cover all of these topics, spirituality, mental health and chronic pain. While the original intent was to have posts about these individually, often these are all covered together.




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