Bloggin101: Learning Style

I like to think that I am always learning. I am a watcher of the world around me and I am always taking in, analyzing and evaluating. There is a lot that I pick up just being aware in my surroundings. I keep my mind busy when I am up and moving. My mind is constantly churning, even when I would wish it wasn’t. I see something, I look for causes. I analyze what information I have about the scene. I try to make best conclusions based off the information present. I ask questions in my head about what is missing in order to assess situations. I see signs or phrases in advertising or on a bumper sticker when I return home I look for the source, or I see something in public and it sets my mind on a journey related to the topic or idea presented and when I get home I look for information on subjects. Someone may mention owls casually in a conversation and when I get to a place that I can, I might be prompted to read as much information about owls that I can lay my hands on. Sometimes it may be the simplest littlest thing that might set me off on a quest.

However, for times when I am specifically studying or learning, independent study is how I prefer to learn. I am quite comfortable with books, videos, articles or what have you, in my hands, by myself, taking in the information. I also like for my learning to be interactive. If I can do something and learn as opposed to reading something to learn, I think I do a better job of retaining the information. The reason, I think, for this is that doing something is usually multisensory and more fully engages me as opposed to simply reading, which often times sets my mind off on tangents and I will not be focusing in the words before me. Mostly what I study are things that try to get me in touch with who I am and how I can be a better me. I enjoy reading books on spiritual subjects, article on mental health studies, things that show me ow to show up better in life. These aren’t the find ways to make a million dollars self help things, but more along the lines of how well do you know yourself? What are behaviors and habits that you can change to be a more genuine, more honest representation of how you think people should show up in life.

Honestly, I am not a great student of traditional subject, math, science and things like that. I know enough to have a good understanding of how my world works and let it go at that. I study to understand the illnesses that I have, and how to manage them and I study and read about how to best get through each day being a positive experience and influence in life.


Learning Style


Blogging 101: About Me

Blogging 101 Day 1 assignment: Who am I and Why am I Blogging

Well, my name is Jason. Simple enough I suppose. A bit about me. I am 46 years old and recovering from Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety as well as a few other odd things thrown in for good measure. I say recovering because I am not suffering. I am getting better and that is part of the why. I am also an independently ordained interfaith minister. That is the other part of the why. I have an about section that talks a bit more, well, about me.

I began blogging or journaling as part of my treatment plan way back when. It was online but private, mostly brain dumps. During that time I took up these annual 30 gratitude challenges. Usually they look something like a list of things I was thankful for everyday. This year I did it differently. I took each day to write about something or someone specific. I posted links on my facebook page, mainly as a way of motivating myself to follow through. If my friends see day 1, 2 and 3, they might notice if 4 is missing. I don’t know if that was at all accurate in thinking but it worked. Some of my friends followed that blog but it never got any views from the site that I was working on.

Once I finished that project, I started thinking, do I have a story to share? The answer was yes. Between my spirituality and the journey that I have taken with mental illness I felt like I had something to say. I took another minor challenge to get me started and I switched to WordPress. I have been here a month or so. My goals are to write something of a spiritual nature at the first of the week and cover topics about mental wellness or mental health at the end of weeks, posting in between if the mood or need strikes me.

Most of what I have written has been set down and let it come out naturally. I am hoping that over the course of this year I can refine my writing style and make my posts as meaningful and complete as I can.

So that is the readers digest of what this is. Very excited to be in this class.


Rev J