Day 30: Art

Day 30 at long last. It’s been considerably longer than 30 days since this challenge began but it is finally at it’s conclusion. Short and to the point.

I have had several conversations in the last couple of weeks that have reminded me how important art is to me. Whether it is creating it or consuming it, whether it is visual art, music, or the written word, art has always played a very important part in my life. Through the recovery process art has been essential to my well being.

Art therapy helped me to tune in to what was going on inside and how to express those emotions and feeling in a constructive manner. Poetry helped me verbalize the thoughts in my head when I couldn’t speak about them. Music, both creating and consuming, has been a core player in mood stabilization.

When I have shared my art, through music mostly, I have always received the feedback that what I have done has had a positive impact on the listener. When I have had interactive music shows, teaching people how to express themselves through music has been a wonderful blessing.

I have been blessed to have at least marginal talent in more than one discipline in art expression. The conversations that I have had lately have reminded me that I have something to share. I need to share this. A relative of our minister said this about her creative gifts, “this gift is not yours to not share”, meaning that you have a gift that requires an audience or interactive participation. I am starting to believe this about the talents that I have. They are not mine to not share.

The question does remain as to what this looks like and how this will unfold, but today I am grateful for art in my life.

Today I am grateful for art.


Rev J


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